Concierge Dentistry

What is Concierge dentistry?

This is making quality and affordable dental care available, wherever our clients are. This means we bring the dental team to your doorstep if you can’t come to us; your doorstep being your home, hospital, school etc. We, a team of family dentists with a community based approach, want to go the extra mile for those that may have difficulty getting to the dental clinic. We want to reach out to the geriatric (elderly people), the special needs individual (Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy etc), the non ambulant person with a debilitating condition, those on hospital admission etc. We also want to reach out to those with a phobia (extreme fear), with a view to eventually getting them comfortable and desensitized so they come into the clinic voluntarily to get their treatment(s) done. We are doing this because many people do not recognize the connection between dental health and overall health. Chronic inflammation that results from dental decay and periodontal disease can contribute to an increased risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and respiratory diseases. Also, homebound people who have not received dental care for many years are also likely to suffer medication-induced xerostomia, pain, mouth odour, tooth decay and even malnutrition. This service is currently available only in Lekki Phase 1.


• No travel time.

• Scheduled and convenient appointments.

• Personalised care by the same clinician.

• Oral health assessment in the comfort of your surroundings.